1. Can this mask be used without a filter?

Copper by itself is an effective antimicrobial against viruses and bacteria. It is a registered antimicrobial by the U.S. EPA. However, as there is not enough conclusive scientific tests specifically in regards to COVID-19, please be aware that a mask alone cannot guarantee a specific result.

2. How safe is the Copper Mask by itself (no filter)?

In a test performed by FITI, the Copper Mask was found to filter 92.6% of dust

3. Do I need to use the filter?

The filter included in the box is single use. It is completely optional to use. Should you decide to use it, please make sure to dispose of it and not reuse it. The filter is meant to be used in areas of higher levels of air pollution and harmful fine dust. 

4. How did you determine the recommended length of use?

The Copper Mask was tested to still be 99% effective even after 30 washes. For everyday use, daily wash is recommended. If using periodically throughout the day, it can be washed less frequently.

5. How do I wash it?

We recommend hand washing with warm water (at least 86°F) with a neutral detergent.


Recommended sizing

S size is recommended for children (Youth). Adults are recommended to wear M or L.

Measurements are available below or on the product page.

The easiest way to measure is to use a string and measure the distance from the middle of your bottom lip to the farthest point behind your ear. This will give you your horizontal measurement. The vertical measurement can be taken by measuring from the top of the bridge of your nose down to just under your chin.

The mask measurements are displayed as Horizontal x Vertical.